What do we offer. 
We offer packages for 10 euro, we have 3 different choices.
1. 10 euro for 3 months  with a weekly profit of 2.5% of your investment in active in your account.
2. 10 euro for 6 months  with a weekly profit of 4% of your investment in active in your account.
3. 10 euro for 12 months  with a weekly profit of 6% of your investment in active in your account.

How can I deposit money?
By banktranfer to the Netherlands or to Madagascar, ADVCash, Solidtrustpay, Payza or Bitcoin.

How long does it take before i can see the money on my dashboard?
De payments are visible in your account after 48 hours after we recieved them.

In which currency is my account balance?

How does the time period of a package go?
A package runs from Monday 00.01 till Friday 23.59. (UTC +1)

When will the profit be put in my account?
Each Saturday between 12.00 and 14.00 (UTC +1) your profit will be added to your account.

When can I make a payout request?
Payouts can be requested every day and will be in your account in 5 business days. Payouts are not carried out in the weekend.
Payout request can be made with a minimum of 15 euro.

How can I withdraw my money?
Money withdrawals can be made with the same processors as the way you can deposit money.

What are the costs for deposit and withdraw?
Deposits don’t cost any money, if you want to withdraw you pay 3% over the ammount of your withdrawal.

Is there a Referral commission?
Yes. You enjoy this right by having 10 packages in your own account.
Comission will be payed only over your first line.
It’s 5% over the investments of your referrals and over everything they compound.
The Referral commission is divided into the following; 50% directly available and 50% for reinvestment.

How many Referrals can I have?

Do I need to have Referrals?
No, you don’t need to have Referrals.

Can I see my Referrals?
Yes, on your dashboard there is a button “Referrals”.

What if the time of a package has expired?
If the time of your package has expired, the value of the package at the time of purchase will be returned to your account.

Can I the purchase packages back?
Yes, as long as there are packages available you can buy them. It is possible that the packages increase in value, you can then re-purchase them at the value at that moment.

Can I withdrawal all my money?
Packages run their term, these can not be withdrawn in the meantime. 

What if there are no more packages available?
Then as a company we will see if we can increase the number of packages. That is for the future.

How many packages are available?
At the start, 120,000 packages have been made available.
This can be increased later if necessary.

Do you have an AFM, CBF licence?
No, but we stand with our company and the website in Madagascar and are not covered by European legislation.
We do apply for the permits so that we have everything in order within Europe and the US.

What happens to the money and what is it for? 
The money that we bring together is used to support our projects in Madagascar. This program can be seen as a crowdfunding. This is to finance our projects and therefore people who participate in this can earn something from development aid. The profits that come back from our companies and activities are paid back to our participants. A win-win situation.
Our group now consists of 4 companies and we will soon also participate in new start-up companies through our microfinance project. The activities are agriculture, mining, housing and renovation, microfinance, and water and electricity extraction.
Our first goal is to create the opportunity to purchase a plot of land in Madagascar. This will result in our development project of agriculture and the school will be established.

How do I request my password?
If you mail to support@vetonagroup-enterprises.com, this will be resolved as quickly as possible.

I can’t login, what can I do?
You mail to support@vetonagroup-enterprises.com, they will help you further.

How can I contact you?
Via contact on our website or via info@vetonagroup-enterprises.com.

What happens to my personal data?
These will be stored offline and will not be shared with third parties. This is guaranteed.

Can I have more than one account?
No, if you violate this rule, you will lose all your accounts and the right to return your deposited funds.

What happens if I do not comply with the correct procedures?
If you fail to comply with our procedures, there is a chance that your account and all deposited funds will be removed. However, 1 warning will always be given.

Can there be multiple registrations at 1 address?
Yes, from the age of 18 everyone can participate.

How secure are my personal data with you? 
These are stored offline under secure module according to the law and regulations of the AVG which entered into on 25 May 2018 and money for all 28 countries within Europe.

Can I change my sponsor?

How do I change my account?
For adjustments mail: support@vetonagroup-enterprises.com.

From which countries are we allowed to register people?
This is possible from almost all countries.
Only not from:
-North Korea
- Iran
- Sudan
- Syria
- Cuba

Where does the money come from to pay me?
From our projects, microfinance and trading.

Are you AVG qualified?
Yes, we employ people who are qualified.

What is the minimum age to participate?
Everyone can participate from the age of 18.

How can i buy new packages?
By pressing the "buy package" button on the dashboard.

Where can I find my Referrallink?
On the dashboard you will find a button with "Referrals"

Where can I find my balance ?
In "wallet" on your dashboard.

Can I reclaim my investmen in the meantime?
No, your investment is fixed in the period you have chosen.

How save is my account?
We have good security and the money is not linked to the site.

Do you use 2-factor authentification?
No, but can be added to the site in the future.

Where is the company located?
Madagaskar lot 178 plle 14/32 Ambohijafy Sud 501 Tamatave