Micro financing

Microfinance is a good option for entrepreneurs in developing countries. If you want to start your own company or expand an existing company you need capital. In many developing countries banks are not reliable or accessible lenders.

We support (starting) entrepreneurs with microfinance and training. In this way, we offer them a chance to start their own business or expand their existing business without major risks. In this way we avoid high debts for them with an unreliable lender and we give them a fair chance to develop their business.

In this way we work together on an independent existence and a sustainable future for these people.

In Madagascar only 4% of people have a bank account. This is especially true for the higher class. This project focuses on the bottom of the pyramid of society by arranging simplified accounts for them based on mobile technologies.

The (micro)financing sector in Madagascar is not well equipped to handle financial transactions efficiently. All financial transactions must be processed manually, using many different forms.