During the honeymoon in 2017 with his wife Linah Saika, Peter discovered that Madagascar is rich in various precious metals and crystals in the ground.

An agreement of 70/30 arose between Peter and the owners of the land. 70% for Vetonagroup Enterprises and 30% for the owners. Peter would scan the ground with a metal detector and dig up the gold. Of course Peter immediately started counting and came up with 1 kg of gold is worth € 34,000.00. However, the agreement was made verbally and the owner came back on his offer. He came up with the following idea: Peter has to scan the ground, because Peter is in possession of a solid metal detector and then they will dig the ground themselves. Distribution then becomes 80/20. 80% for the owners and only 20% for Vetonagroup Enterprises.

As a result of this the mining project is at a standstill until a solid agreement has been reached.


Why do we do this?

Because the mining project is an ancillary activity of Vetonagroup Enterprises, it is possible to wait until a proper agreement is reached. As soon as this is the case, extra income can also be generated with this project in order to be able to build other projects.